Code of Ethics

Louisiana Finance Association Code of Ethics

The members of the Louisiana Finance Association adhere to the belief that the interest of the public and the industry can best be served and maintained through the voluntary formulation and observation of sound, ethical practices, rather than through reliance exclusively upon official enforcement of laws governing the finance industry.

In accordance with the conviction, the members of this association subscribe to the following principals:

  • Adhere to High Standards

    MEMBERS WILL transact all business in such a manner as to deserve the respect and confidence of the public and will adhere to high standards of business deportment of competitive relations, in advertising and in all their dealings with the public.

  • Be Transparent

    MEMBERS WILL explain clearly to customers the conditions, terms and contractual obligations of all loans transactions, presenting said explanations in as simple and unambiguous a manner as possible.

  • Enforce Regulations

    MEMBERS WILL assist and cooperate with supervision officials in the effective enforcement of regulations governing the business and seek to secure unanimous observance of such standards and principles.

  • Improve the Economy

    MEMBERS WILL cooperate with all civic and public service organizations striving to better economic and social conditions of the public.

  • Be Considerate

    MEMBERS WILL support efforts to maintain the consumer industry as a constructive agency in community life, affording consideration and responsible sources of credit to the consumer while providing protections for investments capital.